Dear Ajax Baseball members,

On the recommendation of our governing body, and to remain consistent with other Ontario sports associations, ALL baseball activities are suspended, effective immediately.


  • Practices
  • Games
  • Team functions, including fundraisers and parties

This will remain in effect until further notice, however we will remain consistent with the various government and sports associations, and provide updates as we reach critical milestones, i.e. the suspension of public schools through April 5th.

Throughout this time, the Ajax Baseball executive will continue to function, creating teams and schedules for the coming House League season, so please continue to register.

As frustrating as this may seem, and I join you in the disappointment of a delayed season, this rigor is necessary.  Please comply with these (hopefully) short term measures and in good time we will be back to green fields, and smiling children, playing the best game in the world.

Eastern Ontario baseball Association information can be found here

Yours in baseball,

Rich Leitch,

President, Ajax Baseball