Welcome to the online registration system for the Ajax Spartans Minor Baseball Association. If you wish to register for the 2017 season you will need to follow this process for online registration. ALL Ajax Baseball registrations MUST be completed online.

The online registration process has several steps

1. You will need to click on an item to purchase below. These items are shown below under "Baseball Player Registrations"

2. Once you click on an item a page will appear called Your Information. With this page we need the parent or guardians information. You only need to complete this page once.

3. Once you have completed the Your Information page you will be taken to the registration page of the item that you chose to purchase. Some of these fields will be pre populated with the same information that you entered for Your information, however you can change these if needed. Please complete the player registration and when the form is fully completed you can proceed to the checkout page

4. At the Items "shopping cart" page you will be asked if you need to purchase a second registration. If you do require to purchase another item then select "purchase another" and it will bring you back to the Item selection page and then you just repeat step 3. If you do not need to purchase any further items then you proceed to payment by selecting "Proceed to Checkout" where you will have the option to pay online using PayPal or a credit card or you can select "Submit and pay later with a cheque" and it will process your information and send you an email to let you know where to send your cheque.

Be sure to read the very important payment information in the next item with regards to paying by cheque.

5. The Ajax Spartans Minor Baseball Association is offering two methods of payment for this upcoming year. All registrations will have to be completed online. We will be holding one in-person registration with the date, time and location to be announced at a later date (it will be posted on the front page under Spartans News items when we have the information confirmed. 

Option 1 - PayPal for payment transaction. If you have a PayPal account you can use that to pay, otherwise, you can use MasterCard, Visa or American Express. Just follow the instructions on the SECURE PayPal page. We no longer are charging an online payment admin fee therefore the price you see is what we will charge you for completing your transaction online. Please check the 
FAQ & A page if you are having problems with processing your credit card for registration.

Option 2 - Cheque can be mailed into the ASMBA mail box and you will receive this information in an email when you fill out the registration online. If we do not receive your cheque within two weeks of the date that you completed your online registration, your registration will automatically be deleted and you will have to re-register. When we have received your cheque and processed it your registration will be confirmed (your registration will not be confirmed until the cheque has been processed by our treasurer). We will however be charging a $10 admin fee for any registrations that will be paid by cheque. 

6. Once you have completed your purchase you will be sent an email with details of your purchase and a tax receipt. Keep this email to be used as your tax receipt at the end of the year.

7. Our biggest complaint over the past few years was that some teams were not balanced based on the player's skills. In efforts to ensure a more balanced league this year we will not be able to honor your request to play with other specific players unless you have stated that you would be willing to Coach a team. If you are willing to be the coach for a team then you will be allowed to select two other Assistant Coaches to help and assist you. The remaining players on your team will be selected using the automated system. If you are not able to be a Coach then all players will be placed on teams using a skills automated ranking system. If you are a new player to the league then you will be assigned an average skill level for selection purposes. If you have stated that you are able to Coach, your division Convenor will contact you to discuss who you would like to have on your team as Assistant Coaches. If you have any further questions about the team selection you can send an email to and we will get back to you with an answer.

House League baseball registration questions may be answered on the FAQ & A page or send your inquiry to 

Registration Includes

  • jersey and hat,
  • team pictures

Equipment Needed
Players in all divisions need

  • a baseball glove,
  • athletic support and
  • good running shoes or baseball shoes.

Other than what is listed above, we supply all other equipment.

Confirmation of Registration
Registration will be confirmed by email; and your coach will contact you in late April.

If you are interested in coaching please contact our House League Convenor in Chief Leigh Welch,

If you would like to volunteer for one of our open Executive positions follow this link to apply. Volunteer Registration

You are now ready to purchase

Items currently available to purchase are

All House League players are to register from the list on the TOP and all Rep players must register from the list on the BOTTOM and you must have the REP REGISTRATION password given to you from your Coach.

Registration type 

Super Early Bird discount

if paid before February 1 

Early bird discount

if paid before April 1 

Regular price 
 House League Player Registrations;      
 Jr T Ball House League (DOB 2012/2013) $110 $120  $130 
 T Ball House League (DOB 2011) $110 $120  $130 
 Minor  Rookie House League (DOB 2010) $170 $180 $190
 Rookie House League (DOB 2008/2009) $180 $190 $200
 Mosquito House League (DOB 2006/2007) $190 $200 $210
 Peewee House League (DOB 2004/2005) $210 $220 $230
 Bantam House League (DOB 2001/02/03) $210 $220 $230
 Midget House League (DOB 2001/02/03)     $230 

 Rep Baseball Player Registrations;

PASSWORD REQUIRED (provided by Coach)

 Rep Minor Rookie $170 $180 $190
 Rep Rookie $180 $190 $200
 Rep Minor Mosquito $190 $200 $210
 Rep Mosquito $190 $200 $210
 Rep Minor Peewee $210 $220 $230
 Rep Peewee $210 $220 $230
 Rep Minor Bantam $210 $220 $230
 Rep Bantam $210 $220 $230 
 Rep Minor Midget  $210 $220 $230
 Rep Midget $210 $220 $230
 Rep Junior $210 $220 $230


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